New Modern Furniture

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest products from Sleek Modern Furniture. All new contemporary pieces are uploaded weekly, ahead of the competition, to ensure your style game is perpetually on point.

Amir Dining Table Walnut

Price: $761.00

Amir Counter Table Walnut

Price: $463.00

Amir Bar Table Walnut

Price: $493.00

Alisa Dining Table Gray

Price: $688.00

Gadd Office Chair Grey

Price: $349.00

Prague Loveseat Gray

Price: $806.75

Prague Loveseat Cognac

Price: $806.75

Foster Desk Chair Brown

Price: $660.80

Prague Lounge Chair Gray

Price: $502.59

Bistro Counter Stool

Price: $154.56

Bistro Bar Stool

Price: $176.96

Alessa Daybed Cream White

Price: $772.80

Charlotte Arm Chair

Price: $1,400.00

Sinclair Chair

Price: $1,332.80

Downie Bench

Price: $1,332.80

Gordon Arm Chair

Price: $1,512.00

Metalcraft Wall Art

Price: $244.16

Supernova Ball On Stand

Price: $199.36

Cube Art Sculpture

Price: $109.76

Ives Miror

Price: $145.60

Ambient Wall Art

Price: $103.04

Fisher Floor Lamp

Price: $288.96

Fisher Table Lamp

Price: $188.16

Trapeze Sideboard

Price: $1,108.80

Denecker Bookshelf Large

Price: $660.80

Denecker Bookshelf Small

Price: $504.00

Mountain Sound Wall Décor

Price: $219.52

Boneta TV Table

Price: $952.00

Delaney Bar Stool Beige

Price: $347.20

Milano Sofa Light Grey

Price: $1,422.40

Kaleidoscope 2 Wall Art

Price: $132.16

Kaleidoscope 1 Wall Art

Price: $132.16

World View Wall Décor

Price: $257.60

Ramis Wall Decor

Price: $235.20

Sunny Park Wall Art

Price: $266.56

Lumier Dining Table

Price: $423.36

Kiera Dining Table

Price: $616.00

Compac Desk Walnut

Price: $840.00

Pablo Oval Coffee Table

Price: $526.40

Messinki Dining Table

Price: $1,117.76

Logan Dining Table

Price: $3,124.80

Aviary Table Lamp

Price: $176.96

Venlo Table Lamp

Price: $176.96

Pi Table Lamp

Price: $123.20

Pozzolana Pendant Lamp

Price: $107.52

Lathe Pendant Lamp

Price: $80.64

100 Series Bookcase White

Price: $399.00

100 Series 71" Desk White

Price: $349.00

Lane Desk Walnut

Price: $772.80

Martos Desk Grey

Price: $918.40

Blossom Desk

Price: $728.00

Compac Desk White

Price: $840.00

Rico TV Table

Price: $781.76

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