New Modern Furniture

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest products from Sleek Modern Furniture. All new contemporary pieces are uploaded weekly, ahead of the competition, to ensure your style game is perpetually on point.

Otto Office Stool Grey

Price: $179.00

Aiko Coffee Table

Price: $349.00

Jameson Dining Table

Price: $499.00

Atticus Dining Table

Price: $379.00

Emerson Green Velvet Sofa

Price: $959.00

Laurel Velvet Sofa

Price: $899.00

London Leather Lounge Chair

Price: $1,399.00

Finley Leather Sofa

Price: $1,999.00

Lionel Leather Lounge Chair

Price: $1,099.00

Allura Coffee Table

Price: $499.00

Steel Magnolia Wall Decor

Price: $245.00

Reedus Rose Gold Wall Art

Price: $309.00

Metal Wall Disc Small

Price: $129.00

Metal Wall Disc Large

Price: $169.00

Copper Flume Wall Decor

Price: $325.00

Bighorn Sheep Wall Decor

Price: $289.00

Gold Ram Wire Wall Decor

Price: $56.99

Panorama Aluminum Vase

Price: $215.00

Laguna Aluminum Vase

Price: $215.00

Athos Vase Rustic Blue

Price: $42.99

Aramis Vase Rustic Red

Price: $42.99

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