New Modern Furniture

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest products from Sleek Modern Furniture. All new contemporary pieces are uploaded weekly, ahead of the competition, to ensure your style game is perpetually on point.

Salk Sofa Shroom

Price: $3,253.80

Salk Coffee Table Black

Price: $1,196.25

Kink Lounge Chair Green

Price: $574.20

Kink Dining Chair Green

Price: $545.49

Ping Pong Table Smoked Oak

Price: $4,785.00

Kahn Counter Stool Black

Price: $574.20

Kahn Dining Table Clear

Price: $2,105.40

Salk Dining Table Black

Price: $2,488.20

Exeter Side Table Black

Price: $430.65

Exeter Side Table Grey

Price: $495.00

Cumulus Daybed Cork

Price: $1,518.00

Assembly Dining Table Clear

Price: $2,750.00

Novara Drawer Desk

Price: $674.25

Novara Sideboard

Price: $734.25

Novara Dining Table

Price: $719.25

Denali Highboard Cabinet

Price: $1,124.25

Denali Media Cabinet

Price: $749.25

Denali Sideboard

Price: $824.25

Denali Glass Dining Table

Price: $599.25

Rubico Desk

Price: $1,199.25

Burano Coffee Table

Price: $599.25

Burano Media Cabinet

Price: $561.75

Burano Sideboard

Price: $824.25

Burano China Cabinet

Price: $899.25

Monte Carlo Dining Table

Price: $1,969.20

Tivoli Office Pedestal

Price: $621.00

Tivoli Office Credenza

Price: $1,226.70

Tivoli Office Desk

Price: $314.10

Monte Carlo Office Credenza

Price: $2,088.00

Monte Carlo Office Desk

Price: $1,253.70

Moss Desk Walnut

Price: $199.00

Moss Desk Grey

Price: $199.00

Moss Desk White

Price: $199.00

Pismo Dining Chair Taupe

Price: $325.08

Malibu Side Table Brown

Price: $187.48

Malibu Arm Chair Beige

Price: $514.28

Malibu Coffee Table Brown

Price: $273.48

Malibu Middle Chair Beige

Price: $445.48

Malibu Corner Beige

Price: $548.68

Trace Dining Chair White

Price: $120.93

Trace Dining Chair Gray

Price: $120.93

Darley Task Chair Navy

Price: $216.63

Steen Office Chair Gray

Price: $329.73

Dwight Office Chair Grey

Price: $408.03

Ionian Stool Gold

Price: $147.03

Attica Vase

Price: $49.58

Aegean Vase

Price: $152.25

Lucent Square Cafe Table

Price: $265.35

Lucent Round Cafe Table

Price: $268.83

Crystal Side Table Clear

Price: $291.45

Crystal Side Table Smoked

Price: $321.03

Bronx Shelf Large

Price: $778.65

Bronx Shelf Small

Price: $486.33

Bronx 2 Door Tv Unit

Price: $778.65

Bronx 1 Door Tv Unit

Price: $651.63

Bronx Console Table

Price: $477.63

Bronx Side Table

Price: $265.35

Bronx Coffee Table

Price: $378.45

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