Chloe Side Table in Walnut
  • Chloe Side Table in Walnut
  • Chloe Side Table in Walnut- Drawer
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Are you as thrilled as we are about the Walnut Chio Side Table? Of course you are. That's why this masterpiece is going to be perfect as your new side table. We hope you don't black out from excitement from the beautiful walnut finish and shiny chrome base. Best of all, it has the unique feature of having a drawer to store some of your really awesome belongings in that luckily doesn't have an undesirable drawer handle that would ruin the magesticness of this table and cause it to be an eyesore. Make a decision that's not so nutty by purchasing The Walnut Chio Side Table!
Dimensions: 16''w 16''d 21''h

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