New Modern Furniture

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest products from Sleek Modern Furniture. All new contemporary pieces are uploaded weekly, ahead of the competition, to ensure your style game is perpetually on point.

Nizza High Chest

Price: $1,145.00

Nizza Nightstand Left

Price: $523.00

Nizza Nightstand Right

Price: $523.00

Nizza Mirror

Price: $280.00

Nizza Dresser

Price: $1,268.00

Matera High Chest

Price: $1,080.00

Matera Nightstand

Price: $530.00

Matera Mirror

Price: $288.00

Matera Dresser

Price: $1,195.00

Matera King Size Bed

Price: $1,110.00

Matera Queen Size Bed

Price: $1,030.00

Monte Carlo Mirror

Price: $335.00

Monte Carlo 3 Drawer Dresser

Price: $1,695.00

Monte Carlo King Size Bed

Price: $1,460.00

Monte Carlo Queen Size Bed

Price: $1,350.00

Mont Noir 5 Drawer Chest

Price: $1,100.00

Mont Noir Mirror

Price: $275.00

Mont Noir Dresser

Price: $1,125.00

Mont Noir Nightstand

Price: $488.00

Mont Noir King Size Bed

Price: $1,325.00

Mont Noir Queen Size Bed

Price: $1,228.00

Teodora Dining Table

Price: $1,928.00

Teodora 3 Door Buffet

Price: $1,360.00

Teodora King Size Bed

Price: $1,140.00

Teodora Queen Size Bed

Price: $1,070.00

Teodora Wood Frame Mirror

Price: $293.00

Teodora Nightstand

Price: $488.00

Teodora Dresser

Price: $1,188.00

Teodora 5 Drawer Chest

Price: $1,265.00

Pisa Desk Office Return

Price: $630.00

Pisa Large Office Desk

Price: $1,010.00

Pisa Credenza Hutch

Price: $915.00

Pisa Office Credenza

Price: $1,448.00

Pisa Arm Chair Set of 2

Price: $400.00

Pisa Dining Table

Price: $1,493.00

Pisa 4 Door Buffet

Price: $1,318.00

Pisa King Size Bed

Price: $1,028.00

Pisa Queen Size Bed

Price: $943.00

Pisa Wood Frame Mirror

Price: $293.00

Pisa Nightstand

Price: $420.00

Pisa 6 Drawer Dresser

Price: $1,175.00

Pisa 5 Drawer Chest

Price: $1,158.00

Mont Blanc Buffet

Price: $1,420.00

Mont Blanc King Size Bed

Price: $1,408.00

Mont Blanc Queen Size Bed

Price: $1,303.00

Mont Blanc Mirror

Price: $290.00

Mont Blanc Nightstand

Price: $518.00

Mont Blanc Dresser

Price: $1,213.00

Mont Blanc 5 Drawer Chest

Price: $1,188.00

Memphis Dining Table with Leaf

Price: $1,820.00

Memphis Buffet

Price: $1,343.00

Memphis King Size Bed

Price: $1,083.00

Memphis Queen Size Bed

Price: $945.00

Memphis Wood Frame Mirror

Price: $308.00

Memphis Nightstand

Price: $515.00

Memphis Dresser

Price: $1,288.00

Memphis 5 Drawer Chest

Price: $1,243.00

Elvira Mirror Tray

Price: $118.00

Checks Stool Orange

Price: $278.00

Checks Stool Navy Blue

Price: $278.00

Aristocrat Sofa Silver

Price: $1,478.00

Ojai Sofa Champagne White

Price: $1,998.00

Hayden Sofa Beige

Price: $1,478.00

Nantucket Sofa Beige

Price: $1,378.00

Eileen Grey Table Chrome

Price: $258.00

Beaumont Round Dining Table

Price: $1,058.00

Portland Queen Bed Walnut

Price: $1,138.00

Cuomo Picnic Table

Price: $1,258.00

California Ottoman Stone

Price: $418.00

Bocagrande Ottoman Brown

Price: $338.00

Fiji Ottoman Gray

Price: $378.00

Neal Ottoman Brown

Price: $418.00

Neal Ottoman Beige

Price: $418.00

Admire Office Chair White

Price: $278.00

Admire Office Chair Red

Price: $278.00

Admire Office Chair Black

Price: $278.00

Coco Office Chair Ivory

Price: $218.00

Pivot Office Chair White

Price: $318.00

Fiji Middle Chair Gray

Price: $798.00

Lincoln Lounge Chair Gray

Price: $638.00

Hayden Arm Chair Beige

Price: $898.00

Nantucket Arm Chair Beige

Price: $638.00

Beaumont Console Table

Price: $638.00

Geode Large Vase

Price: $378.00

Portland King Bed Walnut

Price: $1,258.00

La King Bed Walnut

Price: $1,198.00

Beaumont End Table

Price: $278.00

Skyline End Table Gray

Price: $298.00

Emard Dining Table Mocha

Price: $878.00

Skyline Dining Table Gray

Price: $698.00

Coco Dining Chair Ivory

Price: $258.00

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