New Modern Furniture

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest products from Sleek Modern Furniture. All new contemporary pieces are uploaded weekly, ahead of the competition, to ensure your style game is perpetually on point.


Price: $219.00


Price: $219.00


Price: $219.00


Price: $219.00

Tyler Desk

Price: $639.00

Verona Sofa Navy Blue

Price: $1,199.00

Instinct Entertainment Unit

Price: $1,150.00

Ava Entertainment Unit

Price: $775.00

Ashton Media Console

Price: $839.00

Kinross Book Case

Price: $1,425.00

Garfield Arm Chair Blue

Price: $1,299.00

Ashton Rocker

Price: $755.00

Studio Side Table Brass

Price: $245.00

Ava Side Table

Price: $335.00

Bent Console Table Smoked

Price: $1,199.00

Ava Console Table

Price: $785.00

Studio Coffee Table Brass

Price: $529.00

Ava Coffee Table

Price: $839.00

Ashton Coffee Table

Price: $669.00

Appa Bench

Price: $775.00

Kettel Accent Table Brass

Price: $665.00

Sirius Pendant Lamp

Price: $625.00

Hannah Pendant Lamp

Price: $589.00

Draco Pendant Lamp

Price: $585.00

Bent Bench Large Smoked

Price: $1,275.00

Bent Bench Small Black

Price: $1,099.00

Obra Sideboard

Price: $1,750.00

Obra Bar Cabinet

Price: $1,299.00

Bent Sideboard Smoked

Price: $1,950.00

Ashton Sideboard

Price: $1,499.00

Bent Counter Table Smoked

Price: $1,575.00

Balboa Rug 8X10 Grey

Price: $645.00

Tessa Throw

Price: $109.00

Satri Throw

Price: $67.00

Michelle Throw

Price: $87.00

Keetah Throw

Price: $67.00

Kathleen Throw

Price: $119.00

Heidi Throw

Price: $115.00

Dorothy Throw

Price: $115.00

The Fray Wall Decor

Price: $289.00

Sprit Wall Decor

Price: $339.00

Rush Wall Decor

Price: $359.00

Rikishi Wall Decor

Price: $365.00

Red Abstract Wall Decor

Price: $245.00

Orange Pixels

Price: $215.00

Golden Years Wall Decor

Price: $309.00

Euphoria Wall Decor

Price: $365.00

Dark Night Wall Decor

Price: $435.00

Blue Pixels

Price: $215.00

Blue Dream Wall Decor

Price: $399.00

Blue Abstract Wall Decor

Price: $245.00

Black Map Wall Decor

Price: $435.00

Atmosphere Wall Decor

Price: $269.00

Wall Lillies - (Set of 2)

Price: $359.00

Natura Bowl

Price: $135.00

Fallen Leaves Wall Decor

Price: $245.00

Natura Tray

Price: $115.00

Rings Wall Decor

Price: $209.00

Refraction Wall Decor

Price: $289.00

Pineapple Vase

Price: $279.00

Open Arms Sculpture Black

Price: $179.00

Metal Bull

Price: $94.00

Jin Metal Wall Decor

Price: $269.00

Iron Squares Wall Decor

Price: $139.00

Iron Rhinoceros

Price: $355.00

Intersection Wall Decor

Price: $289.00

Glam Octopus

Price: $76.00

Dazzle Wall Decor

Price: $245.00

Ashton Nightstand

Price: $369.00

Leroy Low Dresser

Price: $1,199.00

Ashton Chest

Price: $955.00


Price: $105.00


Price: $105.00


Price: $105.00


Price: $105.00


Price: $115.00


Price: $115.00


Price: $115.00


Price: $115.00

Myrtle Dining Arm Chair Blue

Price: $115.00

Myrtle Dining Arm Chair Black

Price: $115.00

Myrtle Dining Chair Clear

Price: $115.00

Catrine Dining Table White

Price: $2,860.00

Gisele Round Accent Table

Price: $349.80

Rayen Round Accent Table

Price: $239.80

Vladimir Coffee Table

Price: $583.00

Deka Round Accent Table

Price: $503.80

Ruslan Square Side Table

Price: $297.00

Kuba Square Accent Table

Price: $371.80

Dova Drum Accent Table

Price: $411.40

Cameron Oak Coffee Table

Price: $763.40

Fairbanks Oak Cafe Table

Price: $635.80

Rada Wooden Console Table

Price: $657.80

Ardusin Hobby Bench

Price: $543.40

Asadel Wood Console Table

Price: $613.80

Avner Wooden Cube Table

Price: $477.40

Teak Wood Console

Price: $939.40

Teak Root Bunching Cube

Price: $217.80

Ardusin Hobby Cupboard

Price: $745.80

Zafina Gold Side Table

Price: $191.40

Zafina Gold Bar Cart

Price: $393.80

Connor Elm Accent Stool

Price: $275.00

Wyatt Wooden Coffee Table

Price: $723.80

Lucien Iron Accent Table

Price: $248.60

Veira Gold Accent Table

Price: $195.80

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